The company is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the development of talented persons to the highest level, in terms of professional training and equity in the company. The long term objective of the company is to grow into a well-managed, resourceful consulting engineering entity, offering all services within the built environment. However, it is the intention of the Member to hand-pick only the best available resources from our built environment industry. This approach is motivated by our objective to provide excellent service to our clients. Thus our objective is to thoroughly satisfy our clients’ requirements in terms of meeting the constraints of quality, time and budget. We thus endeavor to constantly and consistently communicate with our clients to ensure that their requirements are being met.

The services that the firm provides are wide and varied and include notably, project formulation, design, construction supervision and commissioning in the field of engineering, focusing on water supply and sanitation, Integrated Waste Management, irrigation, hydropower, infrastructure development and other civil engineering works




Over the years, BMC acquired a deep know-how on a wide range of sectors that guarantees its customers the application of the best solutions according to their needs. We will meet the challenge of the future and offer comprehensive engineering service.


Large Band width and high quality standard


In areas of water supply and waste water disposal, we are composed of esteemed and very successful professionals who demonstrated exceptionally high standards and product quality. In all pertinent areas, BMC is equipped to provide wide range of technologically high quality solutions from small plants in rural regions to complex large plants of water supply, waste water and solid waste disposal. We provide know-how of high quality water supply, sanitation and waste water technology with long standing engineering as well as for institutional and strategic consultancy.


Taking Challenge


Population growth, economic growth, and exponentially increasing consumption of resources varied environmental pollution challenges. These resulted in the increased cost of raw materials, growing environmental problem and emission of green house gases. We are ready to take up the challenge and offer efficient, long lasting, environmentally sound technologies and intelligent solutions adapted to the economic and social general conditions of the society.


Dealing Responsibly


We will pay attention to the development of technological solutions which are economical and technically simple to handle and operate for the product user, towards ensuring sustainability of combined water supply and waste water disposal that realize Integrated Water Resource Management. While performing these, we provide expert competence, experience and goals not only for economic merit, but also a professional emphasis lies in the training and continued education of primary operators and beneficiaries to strengthen their capacity and production with core principles of know-how and technical transfer.